When looking through the ads make sure they are the owners of the vehicle. They should be able to provide proper documentation of ownership such an Insurance policy. Look at multiple ads, sometimes the vehicle might be pending, so do not assume they don’t want to work with you, sometimes the vehicle might not be available due to a pending sale. Bring someone with you whenever you are going to look at a vehicle, possibly someone that knows about cars etc. Do not do any transactions at night! Make sure people are around. But for the most part do not do transactions alone. Ask all the necessary questions, like do you the vehicle have a warranty definitely if they are financing the vehicle still. Do not send any money based on promises from the seller. We suggest using a third party method such as PAYPAL to process any transactions. Do not harass the sellers, they are not obligated to work out deals. Make sure you test drive any vehicle you are looking to purchase. Make sure you really want the car.

NOTE TO BUYERS 99% of the people with vehicles will require you to have insurance and valid drivers license. The will need proof of valid drivers license. Some may go to the DMV with you to make sure they are valid. Most of the vehicles will have GPS on them so if you think your going to make one payment and run. YOU ARE WRONG! Remember they are still legally the owners of the vehicle. That being said if you miss a payment they can legally repossess the vehicle and put it back on the market. They have all rights to do so. The procedure will be much like any financing company. Make sure you read agreements before you sign. THESE ARE PRIVATE OWNERS SO THEY HAVE THE TIME TO CALL CONFIRM INFORMATION, SUCH AS YOU INSURANCE COMPANY TO MAKE SURE THE VEHICLE IS INSURED!! THEY WILL WANT PROOF.


You have a choice on whom you choose to work with. If they do not meet your requirements simply say appreciate the offer but no thanks or say seeking other interest. Like we listed above be safe meet in a public place. Let the consumer test drive the vehicle and inspect it as much as possible. Make sure the car is clean or clean it as best you can some do not care but it is a good idea. Make sure you have insurance. Far as post you can have private post where you only people who pay can view your car so you wont have a lot of people contacting you your post will appear but will not be accessible to all viewers.

Do not forget to ask about tolls and tickets add that in your contract if the don’t pay it you will seize the vehicle until its paid or if you the owner pay it they will not get the vehicle back until they pay you back. And if the payment is due they will owe you.