All Vehicles listed for sale have been verified, as each seller must provide proof of ownership to place an Ad, such as an Insurance Policy. To ask all the necessary questions each buyer will have their best form of contact listed on the Ad. When looking through the ads sometimes a vehicle may be pending, meaning the vehicle might not be available due to a pending sale. We suggest using a third party method such as PAYPAL to process any transactions. The TPC Policy allows buyers to test drive the vehicle before purchasing.

When Buying a Car

Please note that you will be required to show proof of a valid drivers license and insurance for the car. Depending on the agreement your vehicle may or may not have GPS. THESE ARE PRIVATE OWNERS SO THEY HAVE THE TIME TO CALL CONFIRM INFORMATION, SUCH AS YOU INSURANCE COMPANY TO MAKE SURE THE VEHICLE IS INSURED!! The procedure will be much like any financing company. Make sure you read agreements before you sign.


Make sure the car is clean and great shape when taking pictures of the car. Each potential buyer will be allowed to inspect and test drive the vehicle. Please be sure to include the exact agreements for each Ad. Each agreement will have to be submitted before being placed. You can have private post where Your post will appear but will not be accessible to all viewers, so only people who have paid can view your post.

Things to Mention in the Ad/ Agreement

  • Type of Agreement ( TEMPORARY / FULL OWNERSHIP )

  • Length of Agreement

  • Car Year Make & Model

    • Condition of Car ( NEW / FAIR / POOR )

  • Tolls Tickets