This is not a site where you can sale your Vehicle like any other website. You can only do one of the four options listed below. ''Unless'' someone did have the money to just buy the vehicle.


Here at peoples cars you are willing to

  • Lease

  • Finance

  • Rent

  • Trade

Any vehicle that you own. Depending on which option you choose, is entirely up to you. There are different agreements to each options

Having a past

We all have a past where we made mistakes and could not or did not take care of all our priorities, which really affected us and our CREDIT. We all know how important credit is. It determines if we can get loans to purchase a house, car, business loan, or a simple credit card.

A lot of people go through a faze of having hopes for something, getting excited off what someone telling you it will be this easy and simple. But the reality hit and it doesn’t fall through. So now you have all these doubts that just makes you want to give up.

So lets stop that when it comes to purchasing a vehicle.


Let’s start here. Avoid all the hours of waiting and cut straight to the source. Forget the dealerships. Let The Peoples Cars make getting a car easier for you. The Vehicles on here will be from people that already been through that process. So based on their terms and conditions, you will be able to communicate with them. They can tell you right then and there if you meet their qualifications. So long story short no wasting time, gas, and energy in something that will not happen, when everything could be done over the phone.